Fresh Linen Laundry Soap

Fresh Linen Laundry Soap

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Fresh Linen Laundry Soap leaves your laundry with a "fresh off the clothesline" smell. 

All natural, vegan variation of the cream soap that grandma used to make. Made with 100% Coconut oil soap made right here at Mammy's Soap Co.

Safe for front load and HE washers. Works well in Hot and Cold cycles. Just one (1) Tablespoon per regular wash load!

  • NO phosphates.
  • Low suds.
  • Gentle on the environment.
  • No residue build up in washer or on clothing.

Net Wt. 32 oz.

64 regular loads.

{instructions} Just add one (1) Tablespoon per regular wash load. Place direct in washer tub and cycle as usual.
{recipe} Water, 100% handmade Coconut Soap, Sodium Carbonate, Borax, Fragrance.