Allergy Trio Essential Oil Blend
Allergy Trio Essential Oil Blend
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Allergy Trio Essential Oil Blend

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Our Allergy Trio Essential Oil Blend is the perfect choice for year-round allergy relief. With natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties, this blend is a great all-natural option to combat seasonal and year-round allergies. Enjoy the benefits of this naturopath-approved blend today!

      Allergy Trio is a blend of pure essential oils that are known to support you while experiencing allergy related issues. Whether it is seasonal allergies or allergies year-round, this will be your new "go-to" while experiencing; sneezing, watery eyes, sinus congestion, and other related issues. It contains antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antibacterial properties.

      Our essential oil blends are researched, handcrafted, and blended to make them uniquely ours. We only use the purest forms of essential oils then blend them with high quality coconut oil in an amber glass bottle for protection from light.

      🌱Lavender Oil: anti-inflammatory & anti-allergic properties
      🌱Peppermint Oil: anti-inflammatory & antihistamine properties
      🌱Lemon Oil: antihistamine & anti-inflammatory properties




      • PURE GRADE
      • KOSHER

        {uses} Use in a diffuser or warming plate. Dilute at 1-2% in a carrier oil for skin contact. Please read all directions on bottle. SDS documents available upon request.

        For external use only (never consume/ingest essential oils). Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on children, or when pregnant, nursing or while using medication.

        {precautions} An essential oil should not be used instead of seeing a doctor for medical advice. Never self-prescribe and if in doubt please ask your doctor. Do not use on sensitive skin and always do a small test of the oil before use. If an allergic reaction occurs or you get the oil in your eyes then wash away the oil with water and then seek medical attention.  ALWAYS DILUTE ESSENTIAL OILS IN A CARRIER OIL AT 1-2% BEFORE APPLYING DIRECTLY TO THE SKIN.

        We STRONGLY advise these essential oils to not be ingested even if labeled FOOD GRADE, and used as aromatherapy or diluted in a carrier oil ONLY.

        Be exceptionally careful using essential oils of any kind around or on pets. Seek veterinarian's advice. If using essential oils and pet shows any signs of respiratory distress or other sudden ailments, seek emergent veterinary care.