Naked Natural Laundry Soap

Naked Natural Laundry Soap

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Naked Laundry Soap is all-natural, unscented and made from in-house coconut soap. Perfect for sensitive skin, babies and anyone seeking fresh, clean and soft laundry! Simple ingredients are all you need – no added chemicals - and it's even safe for HE washers. Get your laundry clean and soft – the natural way!

Two sizes to choose from. 

Our handmade laundry soap is made with 100% handmade coconut soap for its exceptional cleansing properties.
As always, our laundry soap is free of detergents or harsh chemical.

Every jar or bag comes with a FREE SCOOP!

 HE Washer safe

 {recipe} Coconut Oil Soap, Citric Acid, Washing Soda. 

 Jar size -- About 40 loads

SAVE some $$ and plastic by purchasing your favorite scent in a 3 pound lined Kraft tin tie bag! 

{use} Toss the recommended 2 Tablespoons (scoops) of handmade laundry soap directly into washer before adding clothes/linens. Wash per clothing label directions. 

{note} Please always refer to your plumbing, appliance and laundry requirements. Use at your own risk.

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